Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Change

Matriarch Bear
on her 96th birthday
Still beautiful at 96, eh? 

Matriarch Bear
bonding with Papa Bear

Today, as you read this, I am on my way out of town.  To visit Mother Bear - the 96 year old matriarch of our clan.  The reason I'm here to write this blog - or rather one of the reasons - the other being my father.  Duh!

A very active woman all her life, she taught me that legs were meant for walking and proved it all during my formative years.  At the tender age of 80 she could - and did - still walk me under the table.  Gasping for breath, I was too embarrassed to ask her to slow down!  I mean, who wants to admit that she can't keep up with her 80 year old mother?

An avid gardener.  A "crafty" woman.  By that I mean a person who loves to do crafts.  She taught me to embroider when I was around the age of eight or nine.  A chocoholic (come on, everyone has to have their vices, right?).   She lived through WWI, the Great Depression, served in the WAVEs (Navy) during WWII.  She has seen the world and culture change around her - as have the other residents at the residence.  Lived through pieces of history you and I can only read about in history books.

Although Matriarch Bear has had to slow down in the last few years, she is still active and alert.  Capable of moments of whimsy.  Living in her own little apartment in the beautiful, little megalopolis of Fairport, NY which is located just outside of Rochester NY alongside the Erie Canal.  A picturesque place to visit - and to live.

The "queen" (for a day) wearing her
birthday crown
So, this week I will be a resident at an enriched seniors' residence - living with Matriarch Bear, eating in the dining room with her and the other residents, sharing camaraderie with the staff - and generally having fun.

My blog postings this week will celebrate life with seniors.

Come with me.  Sit back in your arm chair.  And enjoy....

Still mischievous too
(hmmmm ... and everyone wonders where I get it from?????

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