Friday, July 5, 2013

Guest Blog #2 from The Sparrow

This has been an emotionally challenging (and exhausting) week for me.  The last of the "firsts" - my mother's birthday and the American Independence Day which fall on the same day and which we celebrated together in the U.S. for many years - the ongoing affects and injury from the two abusive workplace situations and the challenge of starting new traditions have laid me low at the moment.

So today, I let the Sparrow take over.  A completely different writing style and viewpoint from my own.

I hope you enjoy the change of scenery for today.  

(And yes, I know the bird pictured below is a seagull not a sparrow.)
Notes from the Sparrow

 Are you happy?

If you answered, “Meh” or “Well, I’m not unhappy” --- you actually aren’t happy.

Happiness is like bad B.O. – you can’t hide it. It seeps through your pores, shines through your eyes and makes your smile radiate like a nuclear reactor in meltdown.

It’s being stopped in the middle of a downpour in Scotland because you are smiling like a loon -- just to be asked, why you are happy?

Even once caught this elusive quality is difficult to keep. Crashing upon us, stress and worries are the waves that pull us further from it. Recently, I was reminded of a note I wrote 2 years ago. Today, it seems apropos to share.

Peace in a Time of Chaos (originally posted Aug 27, 2011)

Lately, it seems as if nothing is ever certain. And certainly, life has more than its measure of unpredictability.  Economic kingdoms rise and fall, political leaders make history and then fade away, and personal job security is a thing of the past.

But tonight something I knew became so much more clearer to me.
Maybe you believe in God, perhaps you dont. Perhaps you believe someone or something great is out there just beyond your reach...but lets start from where I am.

Believing that God exists and cares for you is great, but it is sometimes difficult to believe that he takes an active and personal interest in your life. Oftentimes, when things are tough it is challenging to believe this. Tonight, I was reminded that if God knows the exact number of hairs we have he must take somewhat of a personal interest in me (Matt 10:29-31). Let's face it: I don't know anyone who would really care to count someone else's hair -- even their spouse.

But the thing I really needed to hear was this: God can make us prosper, even in the most ridiculous circumstances. A friend reminded me of this, when she brought up Gen 26.

Isaac planted [during the famine] and harvested 100 times what he planted, BECAUSE the Lord blessed him. Gen 26:12.

Apparently he prospered because he was thinking of moving (someplace he liked better) and God asked him to live "in the land where [God] wanted him to live".

Famine, whether due to economic times, personal struggles or professional conflicts, is an ever constant companion these days.

Lately, I have been struggling with 'job famine' and wanting to move. For a girl who thrives on adventure and change, and has moved approximately twice yearly for 8 years, staying in one place is a challenge -- even when you feel divinely lead to be right where you are.

But for now, it is something that brings peace in the midst of chaos, playing musical houses and applying for EI.

And likely, the reminder that I needed to hear tonight -- and feel compelled to share, is likely something someone else needs to hear.

Not knowing where I will be in three months time definitely has its challenges, but I shall endeavour to remember that the best is yet to come.

Note:  I am currently looking for guest bloggers.  If you feel you have something worthwhile to share, contact me.

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