Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day 2013 - A Tribute to the U.S. - Updated

Born and raised in the USA.  Patriotic blood flowing through my veins.  Distantly related to real people who stood up for their convictions in real times.  People who were threatened for their beliefs.  Their home invaded by the Red Coats.  Quick-thinking people who managed to get their child out of the window and run for help.  People who survived to continue to work to make the U.S. ... well ... the U.S.

A woman of courage who upon hearing that the soldiers at Valley Forge were cold and had no socks, went from house to house on the back of a wagon, knitting all the way, to rouse the women of her area to knit socks for their men.  And they did.

People who came to this vast land to live their lives in freedom.  To practice - and preach - their religion.

People who established towns.

People who represented the U.S. in the House of Representatives.

On both sides of my heritage, North and South, my ancestors were there.

In the American Revolution.

On both sides of the Civil War.

In World War I.

In World War II.

In Korea.

In Vietnam.

Even now, the heritage continues with various offshoots of the vine serving the U.S. both in country and overseas.

As a nation we're not perfect.

We've made mistakes alone the way.

The Salem witch hunt.


Racism.  I remember seeing signs in the 60s on shop windows restricting admittance on the basis of the colour of one's skin.

The Bay of Pigs fiasco.  The Cuban Missile Crisis.  The assassinations of JRK, RFK, Martin Luther King Jr.

Riots.  In large cities and on college campuses in the 60s and 70s.  A nation at that time in turmoil.  Undergoing a severe identity crisis.  Yet still standing - more or less - united as a nation.

Not totally understood or appreciated by other countries because of our militarism.  Our (felt) need to defend the world against tyrants and despots.

Yet, we as Americans we come together in times of crisis.

Because We the People are America.  

We are what made this country the world leader it became and what it is today.

We are not perfect.  We have made many mistakes along the way.  And we will continue to make more.

But for today, we unite once again in who we are.  In our pride in our country.

Happy Birthday, America

May you always stand free

This post came pouring out of my heart into my fingers and onto the screen last year.  I read it to give me inspiration for today's post.  I post to honour the country of my birth.  The country I grew up in.  The country I reluctantly left to start a new life with a new husband over three decades ago.  I decided that I could not improve on this post and to post it again a second time with minor revisions and a picture added.

Enjoy your day, America!

May you always stand free.

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