Monday, August 5, 2013

Civic Holiday - a 3-day weekend in August

In May, Canada has its Victoria Day long weekend while the US follows the week after with its Memorial Day.

In July, Canada has it's Canada Day celebration on July 1st while the US follows four days later with its Independence Day celebration.  (Note:  how Canada has its holidays first and then the US follows suit?)

In September, both have Labour Day - on the same day.  Which is because Labour Day is an international holiday not a national one.  (See the things you learn while on a guided tour on Labour Day?)

But August.  Poor August.  The lone month in the summer that is marginalized by not having a long weekend.

What to do?

Us enterprising Canadians figured out a way.

Create a holiday.  Just for us.  No reason except to give us a long weekend every month in the summer.

Works for us.

In fact, it works well.

So today, most Canadians, including yours truly, are off wandering around enjoying our Civic Holiday.

Some go camping either alone or with groups such as their church.  Others, go to the beach - of which they are plenty here in our area of Ontario.  Others go to places like Niagara Falls or Toronto - or the Zoo.

We've done a little of not quite everything but a smorgasbord of activities to be sure this weekend.

Saturday was the Toronto zoo which is featuring a panda exhibit.

Sunday we wandered toward Lake Huron to a small church camp at an inland lake where our oldest two grandchildren were baptized

Today, we're in Owen Sound just wandering around as we slowly head back to home base.  To work for hubby.   To more on the journey of recovery for me.

To life as we know it - and experience it.

So today, I am having a break.  Yes, the physical stuff intervenes irregardless of whether it's a holiday or not.

Yet, I'm giving myself a break.  A break from processing.  A break from the hard work of recovery.  A time to relax.  To enjoy.  To be me.

I'll resume processing tomorrow.

For today ... well ... for today it's all about rest and healing.

See you tomorrow.

With pictures.

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