Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hummp Day: Post workplace abuse: Reclaiming my life in Stages

Today is Wednesday.  Hump Day.  So I decided that, at least for this week, on hump day I would do something different.  Something lighter.  Something to break the ominous clouds of workplace abuse.  After all, my life before, during and now after has not been ALL gloom and doom.  There have been rays of sunshine.  Moments of joy.  Times of wonder and delight.  Today, I share with you one of these times.

Saturday June 22, 2013 I did something totally different, totally new.  Again I pushed the envelope - but in a totally different direction than the weekend before at the writer's conference.  I became the designated photographer for a friend's children's birthday party.  My price:  a piece of cake.

It all began innocently enough.  A posting on Facebook by a young mother asking if anyone had a DSLR to take pictures of their child's party on the weekend.  

I felt like the proverbial second grader hand raised jumping up and down in his seat, barely able to contain his excitement saying:  "Pick me!  Pick me!"

The opportunity to have my first "gig" as a photographer excited me.  The opportunity to another piece of my life was an adventure I could not pass up.

Never mind that I'm not a professional.  Never mind that I've not yet taken classes.  Never mind any of the technicalities.  The opportunity was just too good to pass up.
My favorite action shot of the whole bunch.  Little sister and her balloon.

My life post workplace abuse is in a sense spontaneous.  It consists of whatever appears at any given moment.  And this moment, this priceless two-hour window on a hot, make that very hot, June afternoon was too precious to ignore. 

There were princess balloons galore which, I think,
were one of the main attractions for the princesses.
A young child having her fourth birthday.  And we know that fourth birthdays only come once to any given person.

A young mother determined to celebrate this event to the fullest.  And wise enough to know that she would be too busy orchestrating children and other things to take pictures to commemorate this event.

The "token" male in the group - the princess's father.
Does that make him the king?
A father, the "token" male in the gathering.  Mostly the silent observer in the room, putting on the crown to enjoy tea with his three daughters.

Every princess has to have a crown
so these young ladies are decorating their own.
The obvious enjoyment of the children, including and especially the birthday girl, enjoying the moment as only young children can.  Concentrating fully on the task at hand:  creating their own princess crowns.

The two Snow Whites.
Will the real Snow White please stand up.
The two princesses who dropped by for the afternoon.  After all, it was a "princess" party.  Complete with two princesses, princess dresses for all the party-goers, balloons, special cupcakes and, of course, a crown for the royal princess of the day.

The princess dresses each party-goer was encouraged to dress up in.  Some were shyer than others, taking time to get comfortable.  Others changed dresses.  Some never did become a "princess".  But that was the beauty of it:  each child was allowed to just be herself.

Snow White reading a princess story
Snow White who opened a story book and started to read to all the princesses assembled.

Little Sister has to get in the action.
"Do you think they will notice if I try this on for size?

The siblings of each party-goer and their parents.  Each of whom will take away their own special moments and memories of the event.

I don't know if this afternoon will forever leave in the memories and imaginations of the children who were present and participated.  But it will forever leave in my memory.  A day of pushing the boundaries for myself.  A day of watching the wonder in a young child's eyes over things that adults take for granted:  princesses who come to visit. balloons that fly high in the room, presents to open.  And most of all, that precious gift of feeling safe and loved.

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