Monday, December 1, 2014

Post Workplace Abuse: How do people heal? A guest post by Stasia Sowers

The big question for all of us who have been badly damaged due to our experiences with bullying in the workplace, the big question is:  "How do I recover?"  Combined with:  "Is recovery possible?"

Today's guest blogger, Stasi Sowers, has also been through multiple experiences of workplace bullying which left her damaged ... and has survived to not only tell the tale but, unlike me, to work again.

I'm going through the route of "traditional therapy", which is working well for me - although it is taking a long time.

Unlike me, Stasi has chosen a different route for her recovery.  One that is working for her. At the end of her post, she has given her contact information in case anyone else is interested in learning more about either the route she has taken for recovery or what she is doing now.

Stasi has guest posted once before on Ramblings of a Deranged Mind.  I welcome her back and look forward to hearing from her again in the future.

Recovering from Workplace Bullying.

So the question becomes, why didn't I select conventional methods after my experience at work?  I WAS traumatized by my experiences, and I actually did  turn to a Psychologist at first.  In fact, I saw 3 different Christian Psychologists. While I found that I felt better after speaking with them, the effects soon wore off and I found myself in need of talking to someone again, not feeling any better and right back where I began.  

As a woman of faith, I wanted to stay in alignment with my beliefs, but realized that conventional methods were failing.  I didn't see the reasoning of going to someone for help and remaining in therapy for 5 or 10 years ... or for the rest of my life.  I knew there had to be a better way. 

Since I had previously experienced somewhat high levels of anxiety due to an unrelated situation, and had used an alternative form of healing quite successfully,  I decided to try the same subliminal messaging and the Messianic Law of Attraction to heal this wound as well.  I began to understand this was a more direct way of accessing the subconscious and healing the deep wounds I had as a result of the way I had been treated.  The process directly targeted the obstacles that these wounds had created and once they were identified, I was quickly able to remove them.  
Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying that Psychologists and what they offer aren't valuable. If you are clinically depressed, if you have a chemical imbalance or have actual behavioural health issues, then a Psychologist or even Psychiatrist, etc, can be very useful and, for some people, necessary.  But my wounds weren't that severe, and I had never been predisposed to depression or anything of the sort. 

I now coach others and help them work through and overcome their obstacles in the same way I was able to overcome them myself.  I also speak to groups whenever possible to educate them about what Bullying is, how it affects us and how to protect ourselves from others' insecurities, attempts to control, manipulate or dominate others.  It's now my mission to help others in healing their own pain. I teach them tools that don't require them to stay with me for years and years and years, and I allow them to take back their own personal power.  Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Empowerment ... taking responsibility not for the behaviour that's been inflicted upon you, but being responsible for how you react to that behaviour.  To learn more, please visit, or email me at 

Stasia Sowers

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