Friday, February 20, 2015

On the Road to Recovery: Peace and Contentment

Just a few days ago, I had an interesting conversation with a friend.  This friend's journey involves a chronic, incurable auto immune which has already robbed her of her mobility - and threatens to rob her or her life.  But it has not robbed her of her determination to live life to the fullest and to encourage others who are walking through a similar road.

Through her limited energy but limitless enthusiasm, she encourages people through social media to find the best they can in their circumstances.  To find happiness even in chronic, never-ending pain.

Even though I don't have a chronic illness, per se, as I have trauma, there are enough similarities that she has accepted me unconditionally.

This friend doesn't have the same belief system that I do and I was not sure how she would react if I asked if I could pray for her.  So the other day, I broached the topic very carefully and respectfully.  I asked her if I could pray for her and if so, what would she want me to pray for.

Her answer shocked the socks off of me!

Of all the things she could have requested such as diminution of pain, prolonged life, even complete healing, she didn't ask for any of those things.

Instead, she asked for peace and contentment to be able to live whatever time is left to her to the fullest.  To make memories for those closest to her.

Of all the people I've prayed for past and present, not one has asked for peace and contentment.

Yet, isn't that what a happy life, a good life, a life well lived is all about?  Getting through the hard times, the tough times, the painful times with grace and dignity?  Even with joy splashed through.  Peace and contentment permeating all like a well-seasoned sauce?

Not only has she given me a lot to think about with those three words - peace and contentment - but she's changed my focus.  For me.  And for those I pray for.

Yes, I want healing, complete recovery from trauma.  Yes, I want to be able to go about life as I used to know it without worrying about the "spoons" (levels of energy) suddenly giving out and leaving me high and dry.  But more importantly, I want to live life to the fullest - not in some distant future which might not ever come - but now.  In the present.  I want that peace.  I want that contentment.  And I want to pass it on to those around me.

Until next week....

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